Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day

Man I suck at blogging lately, but I figured there is no day like fathers day for getting back on the horse. My Dad is definitely one man very worthy of a blog post. I have a list of about a hundred things that makes my Dad a great Dad, and I figured I would share the top 3:

1. He is a man of his word and keeps his commitments.
2. He is generous with everything he has been blessed with, and lives life with an open hand.
3. He is incredibly good looking, and he passed those genes on to his sons.

Happy fathers day Dad!


Leo said...

That is awesome. I know you have to give credit to your Dad for your good looks because your a man. But, we really know who you got those genes from.

Leo said...

The above post is from Ryan's Mom, in case it sounded wierd coming from his Dad.