Sunday, May 2, 2010

Damon Bruce

I called into the Damon Bruce show a few weeks ago for a hilarious segment I had to call in for. It was the "3 O'CLOCK Three Play", and the three questions where 1. Best Cry Moment in sports 2. Are you confident in the Sharks in the Playoffs 3. Give love to Giants Fans who waited out the 4 hour game rain delay.

My call was alright, but the guy who called after me was pretty hilarious. Not so much his call but Damon's response.

Damon Bruce.mp3


Zachary said...

Dude, were you at that 4 hour rain delayed game? I was there, and I stuck it out! We should go to a game sometime. I'm up there all the time. Let's pick a day and go.

Michael Lipert said...

i thought u were never going to post again on here